Working with us

What you can expect from working with us:


At Oyster we never forget we have two customers – the client and the end users of our campaigns. Whether the target audience is patient or professional, if the campaign fails to meet their needs it will flop.

That’s why at Oyster we put an emphasis on co-creation of campaigns with the target audience. We maintain these relationships throughout the lifecycle to ensure a continuous cycle of feedback and improvement.

We always work with panels of clinical and patient editors. Our staff of trained journalists ensures our content is timely, engaging, independent, news-worthy and drawn from our clinical or patient communities.

Partnership working

We believe in medical education. We like to work in partnership with charities, healthcare professionals and the industry. We believe industry is part of the wider community in a therapy area, and work best at the interface of therapy area support. What we don’t do is disguised promotion. Users don’t like it and nor do we.

Problem solving

At Oyster we like a tricky communication issue. We’ll draw on our communities to create advisory boards to get to the nub of the issue and deliver in language that doesn’t offend, patronise or default to incomprehensible medical jargon.

Feedback and improvement

We know when our content hits the mark because we measure everything. We track our content upload to Google Analytics and see what spikes. The strength of internet is the ability to measure success – we report our data in client-friendly monthly summaries.

Mixed media experts

That doesn’t mean that online and app are always the right solution. Multimedia campaigns often produce the best results – print can have a major impact over a crammed InBox.


Membership of the Compliance Hub’s ARTS scheme means we have annual code training tailored to our areas of specialism and consultancy on hand to ensure what we what to do works within the constraints of the ABPI Code.

We work with your in-house compliance teams to tackle these issues at the outset on any piece of development.

Our ability to work closely with your in-house teams and deliver campaigns in close partnership with your KOLs means that we develop long-term and trusted relationships with clients in both industry and the charity sector.

If you like our approach and have a communication issue to solve then please get in touch.


This project has exceeded all expectations, we have showcased it at various congresses and it has always proved a great success with creating interest and sign ups, as well as the interest created in non-promotional calls for our sales force. The Agency exceeded expectations with the level of input sought from IBD nurses, as well as how to encourage use of the toolkit – enhancing the programme.

Caroline Morel Brand manager, Warner Chilcott
A-Z of Living with IBD

A-Z of Living with IBD

Audience: Patients with IBD

Medium: print

Sponsor: Warner Chilcott

Aims: The client wanted an educational item for patients. Oyster presented the idea of a simple guide to living with IBD, written for patients by patients bringing to the fore and sharing the experience of those who live with the condition.

Outcomes: The guide was written by Andy Player, a prominent figure in the IBD community who reached out to more than 50 people living with the condition. A number contributed to the guide, which balances factual information with practical advice from those with first-hand knowledge.