Magazines have changed a lot in the 15 years Oyster has been publishing them, but no matter what happens in the world of “tech” we know what matters to our readers: quality, trusted information.

Whether your magazine is delivered to inboxes, post boxes, or via an app, you can rely on Oyster’s experienced team of medical journalists and designers to identify and meet the needs of your audience.

Technical innovation

We learn from the latest innovations and adapt tried and tested technologies to meet the educational needs of our healthcare audience. We are experts at doing this both within the constraints of the ABPI code of practice and the technological barriers of the NHS.

Quality editorial

Our editorial team of trained journalists produce topical, newsworthy and engaging content. We know that creating captivating copy depends on inclusion, which is why our magazines are co-created with the target audience.

Responding to need

Our clinical editors work in the NHS and our editorial advisors live with the condition themselves. That’s how we ensure the content we produce meets the needs of its intended audience.

Create and improve

A wide network of patient and healthcare contacts, plus reader surveys and feedback, help to promote a cycle of improvement that responds to ever-changing needs.


Whether our magazines are aimed at people with chronic conditions or medics we keep the reader in mind at all times. Educational should not equal boring, which is why we pack our publications full of varied content that will entertain as well as inform.

Empowering people

Our magazines for people with chronic conditions are consumer magazines. They are vibrant, inspiring and fun with a strong lifestyle focus to empower people to self-manage their conditions and live a full and healthy life. The patient voice is loud – our readers tell us time and time again that shared experience is a huge comfort, experience is knowledge, and knowledge is power.

Sharing knowledge

Our magazines for medics prioritise learning and sharing best practice. They offer a quick quarterly read on the latest debates and developments in a therapy area, and address issues relevant across the board within healthcare to promote joined-up working.

Our portfolio

Beyond magazines, our multimedia campaigns encompass film, networking websites, e-learning and training workshops, App development, consensus guidelines, patient information packs, risk communication, and more. See case studies for specific examples of our work.

The Ozone

The Ozone

The Ozone

Digital magazine

While the healthcare challenges cross specialty, the solutions often stay stuck in a silo. That’s why Oyster has brought together a crack team of professionals, third-sector representatives and people with long-term conditions to discuss common challenges and share strategies. Enter The Ozone to read their thoughts and find out more.