Communications Consultancy

What you can expect from working with us:


At Oyster, we never forget we have two customers – the client and the end users of our campaigns.  If a project fails to meet the needs of users, it will fail to meet its objectives.

That’s why we emphasise insight gathering, co-creation, and user testing. We engage a broad range of participants, and we maintain these relationships throughout the lifecycle to ensure a continuous cycle of feedback and improvement.

We use a range of insight gathering techniques designed to meet the needs of our client group. Surveys, focus groups and workshops are delivered and facilitated using a variety of methods.

We always work with panels of clinical and patient editors. Our trained journalists ensure our content is timely, engaging, independent, drawn from our deep insight work and tested with users.


At Oyster, we like a tricky communication issue. We’ll draw on our extensive contacts to create advisory boards to get to the nub of the problem and deliver in language and graphics that don’t patronise or default to incomprehensible medical jargon.

We are careful risk communicators using accurate words and visuals to convey safety and efficacy data. We understand 61% of the population struggles with health information that uses numbers.

Partnership working

We believe in partnership. We like to work in partnership with charities, healthcare professionals and the industry. We believe the industry is part of the broader community in a therapy area, and work best at the interface of therapy area support. What we don’t do is disguised promotion. Users don’t like it and nor do we.

Feedback and improvement

We know when our content hits the mark because we measure everything. We will work with you to design impact measurements into the framework of our projects.

If you like our approach and have a communication issue to solve, then please get in touch.


"Sophie has worked with CICRA on several key projects including a whole range of new and improved information for children and young people, and their families. She has helped us engage with young people by facilitating sessions at several of our family days. She has talked to parents and carers to develop case studies for use in our booklets and website.

Sophie has expertly helped articulate the information requirements of the children and families we help, and then written and refined the information, including working with our medical advisors, to be coherent and easy to understand."

Nick Posford Chief Executive, CICRA