Abbott Laboratories Anaesthesia in Practice, Sage magazine, AIM newsletter
Amersham International Pocket guide to speaker meetings
Age Anaesthesia Association Sage magazine
Allergan E-book managerial development
Bayer ED-dimensions news service
Baxter Sage magazine
Bio Products Laboratory IQ magazine, IQ focus group, clinical community, 'Is It PID?' campaign, 'Is it PiD?' diagnosis guide and subcutaneous home infusion DVD
Boehringer Ingelheim Payment by results news service
British Association for the Study of the Liver Clinical community and nurse specialist e-learning toolkits
British Cardiac Society Abstract CDs
British Society of Gastroenterology Abstract and guideline CDs, Private practice: A handbook for gastroenterologists
British Viral Hepatitis Group Meeting report
Celltech IBDigest magazine
Crohn’s and Colitis UK 360 gastroenterology e-news service, transition guidelines, new patient pack, annual research review, clinical community
Diabetes UK Abstract and presentation CD-ROMs
Foundation for Liver Research Meeting report
GlaxoSmithKline UK Synapse magazine, Falls and Fractures magazine, salesforce support items
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Hillingdon PCT Clinical guidelines
IBD Standards Group Website and report
Janssen E-learning on BASL Clinical Community
NAPP Oncology Clinical community, meeting reports, National Cancer Drugs Fund web tool and smart phone app
Merck Sharp & Dohme E-learning on BASL Clinical Community, 360 gastroenterology
Merck Series of pocket guides to competencies and standards, playbook
Partnerships for Health NHS LIFT report
Primary Immunodeficiency Association 'Is is PID?' campaign, 'Is it PiD?' diagnosis guides
Pentax UK Ltd BSG Abstract CD
Reunite Interviews with female ex-prisoners
Roche Pharmaceuticals Falls and Fractures magazine
Sanofi-Aventis Pathways, Pharmacy Factors, Insulin for Life magazine
Slough PCT Clinical guidelines
Social Landlords Crime and Nuisance Group Conference report
Tower Hamlets PCT Clinical guidelines
UCB Pharma BSG Abstract CD and Synapse magazine
UK Primary Immunodeficiency Network 'Is it PID?' campaign, UK-PIN newsletter, 'Is it PiD?' diagnosis guides
Warner Chilcott UK Ltd IBDigest magazine, surgery consent pack, pregnancy CPD guide (revised, updated and reprinted: Sept 2010 and June 2013), BSG guidelines and abstract CD-ROM, IBD nurse leadership toolkits, guide to psychosocial support in IBD, conference reports, facilitation guide, surgeon’s booklet, patient information leaflets, A-Z of living with IBD