Building online patient communities

Patient communities offer a private area for patients on a specific treatment to meet and share their experiences of living with a disease.

The websites offer support and widespread information about a disease or specific treatment in one place.

Peer support

Oyster’s patient communities provide a secure online meeting place for patients with the same disease, on the same treatment. Members can network with others who understand the challenges of living with a longterm condition.

Members choose level of interaction

Members can choose whether to have a public networking profile or a private profile. Private users still benefit from the site’s resources but opt out of networking; they are not visible in the Members area and cannot be contacted by others.

Provide education on treatments

Patient Communities are provided on a treatment-specific basis, offering a direct route for circulating up-to-date information on treatments, compliance, side effect management and safety.

Provide education on disease

Whether via resources, magazine articles, expert opinion or e-learning, our Communities are the ideal platform to deliver patient education. Information on the disease, symptom management and healthy living empowers patients to self-manage.

Facilitate adverse event reporting

Patient Communities are set up with a direct reporting mechanism to help facilitate easy side effect reporting.

Adherence programmes

A plug in to the Patient Communities offers a complete adherence programme, including a symptom tracker, diary and goal setting, text reminder service and dose manager.

Patient reported outcomes

Members can opt in to share anonymised data, which can be exported to give valuable outcome data.

Contact us if you would like discuss establishing your own Patient Community.


Well done. This edition is really fantastic and you have really covered more than I had expected with excellent content for Ireland.

Paul O’Malley Product manager, Biogen Idec Ireland
MS patient information

MS patient information

Audience: MS patients on a specific DMT

Medium: Multi-media; print, film, online

Sponsor: Biogen

Aims: To provide a complete education programme on the treatment, communicating a complex message around the benefits and risks of this DMT. To empower patients to self-manage by providing quality information on MS and symptom management. To give patients a voice to share experiences and advice.

Outcomes: This multi-faceted campaign, consisting of patient information pack; printed items for communication of risks/benefits of treatment; counselling app; and magazine, has reinforced Biogen's position as market leader and demonstrated a strong commitment to providing quality health information to patients. Feedback from patients and nurses alike has been entirely positive.

Reader feedback:

The text is easy to understand and written in a non-alarmist way. This edition looks fantastic with loads of topical and useful information. Really feel that all the magazine features are very helpful and topical for people with MS.