A-Z booklet shares patient experiences of living with IBD

Sharing patient experience is at the core of The A-Z of Living with IBD. The booklet gives a concise overview of key issues that affect people living with the condition, from the people who know best.

Written by Andy Player, a prominent figure in the IBD community, and with the input of more than 20 people living with the condition, the booklet balances sound information with practical advice from those with first-hand knowledge and experience.

Andy has Crohn’s disease and is actively involved with his Crohn’s and Colitis UK local group. He was a founding member of the Brighton IBD patient panel and recently won an award at the Crohn’s and Colitis UK 2014 AGM, in recognition of his dedication to the subject.

“It was a fun and rewarding project”, said Andy. “It was unfortunate that I was so ill with my IBD in the autumn, but I am glad that I could complete the project. The guide looks brilliant and stands out as something a little bit different to what’s already out there.”

CNS Helen Ludlow acted as Clinical Editor. She said: “The A-Z is amazing – it looks absolutely fantastic! I’m so proud to have been a (little) part of it.”

Packed full of information and patient tips, topics include A – for Agony, B – for Benefits, F – for Fatigue, J – for Jargon and R – for Relationships.

Chris Hughan, IBD patient and former Chairman and Chief Executive of the Crohn’s in Childhood Research Association (CICRA), contributed and sat on the review panel. He said: “I have sent the A-Z to my GP, among others, and he thought it was excellent.”

Sue Hale, General Manager at the Colostomy Association (CA) said: “It was very kind of you to make a specific mention of both the CA and the Ileostomy Association. Thanks so much for your support and for raising our profile with medical professionals.”

The A-Z was sponsored by Warner Chilcott UK Ltd.

Published on: July 15, 2014


The guide looks brilliant and stands out as something a little bit different to what's already out there.

Andy Player