What we do

In all of our campaigns we strive to make complex information clear for people living with chronic conditions and for the HCPs caring for them.

We focus on building partnerships between patients, HCPs and charities to provide quality, understandable and empowering information to support people’s journeys with chronic conditions. Why? It’s really simple. We want to make the lives of people with chronic conditions easier and support HCPs to do the same.

Working with us

Oyster produces outstanding editorial content in a range of formats to create multi-media campaigns. We specialise in developing innovative and creative solutions to complex problems and messaging – working within the constraints of the ABPI code.

We devise tactical strategies to help our customers achieve their global objectives, capitalising on bespoke consultancy to ensure our campaigns are code compliant.

We tailor our materials to the needs of the audience, whether they are professors of medicine or newly diagnosed patients. We specialise in building partnerships between patient groups, medical societies and the pharmaceutical industry to produce benefits for all.

We have invested heavily in our network of patients, virtual communities and HCPs – this gives us direct access to end users who trust us. For our customers, this ensures we can make the messaging a bulls-eye hit for the target audience.

We value our role in providing a service to medicine – we listen to our users, ensuring the service supplied delivers what they want and need.

One of our key strengths is our size. A small creative agency, we can adapt quickly to the needs of each client. Each customer is taken care of by a senior, experienced member of the team, ensuring we deliver the best possible result – with minimal hierarchy and associated costs.

All editorial staff are trained journalists, which is why we produce outstanding editorial content.

Based in Brighton, a creative media hub, we have access to some of the best new technologies and talent. Strong production values apply across all media – we use the right platforms for the right project and the right audience.


Since founding Oyster in 2000 our aim has been to work closely with a small group of clients to produce outstanding results. We are proud of what we have achieved. Our campaigns have twice been nominated at the Communique Awards in the Writing Excellence and Best Secondary Care Campaign categories. Our editorial team are ABPI trained journalists with extensive medical experience.
We want working with Oyster to be a positive experience. Our client feedback tells us that 96% rate their experience as excellent.

Sophie Randall Managing director, Oyster Healthcare Communications

Oyster has a wealth of experience and fantastic working relationships with many of the support groups, which has been invaluable to ensure the success of our campaign.

Caroline Morel Product Manager, Warner Chilcott