About Ozone

About Ozone

What is the Ozone?

At Oyster, we see the same challenges being faced across therapy areas, and we see solutions that could benefit patient care across the board getting stuck in a silo. So we decided to do something about it.

Working across specialties puts us in a privileged position – we know the healthcare professionals, third-sector representatives and “expert patients” who are pushing the agenda forward in these separate areas. The Ozone brings them together by facilitating a monthly virtual round table discussion, and sharing their findings, recommendations and advice through the bi-monthly online Ozone newsletter.

They have all given their time freely.

The Ozone panel

  • Nicki Abel, lecturer practitioner in MS, Birmingham University
  • Trishna Bharadia, MS ambassador and campaigner
  • Andy Broomhead, diabetes campaigner, Diabetes UK Council of People Living with Diabetes
  • Fiona Fry, chair, British Association for the Study of the Liver Nurse Forum
  • Richard Gardner, chief executive, British Society for Gastroenterology
  • Partha Kar, associate clinical director of diabetes, NHS England
  • Alison Leary, professor of workforce modelling, London South Bank University
  • Miranda Olding, MS specialist nurse, MS Trust ‘Super Nurse’ award winner
  • Debbie Quinn, Queen’s Nurse, former CQC specialist adviser and succession planning expert

The Ozone, To join our panel or to subscribe to contact:
Amanda Barrell, Deputy editor,
01273 601996

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